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job search with network driven insights

LinkedIn is the world’s leading job search platform, however, the product itself was outdated compared to other new upcoming job search sites. As part of the LinkedIn career team, I redesigned a more personalized and engaging job search experience by rethinking how people search for jobs.

2015 - 2016 @LinkedIn,
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Intergrate findings with analysis and sense-making

In the beginning of the project, I spend a lot of time analyzing the current Linkedin search product and get myself familiar with the job search market, or search in general. I soon learned that searching jobs is not about getting pages of keyword matching results, but how each result is relevant for the job seeker, and how they can leverage their competitive edge to land it.


+21.3% job apply clicks

The new design shifted its focuses from quantity search results to quality. It supports users to evaluate each search result based on their personal data. I greatly reduced the complexity of the product, which was cluttered with piles of different features, and reorganized the information to make it more easy to focus and digest. I rebrushed the visual design language and gave it a new lightweight look and feel, which aligns better with the new Linkedin brand.

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Search results

Flavor with relevency

By leveraging LinkedIn's biggest professional network, the new job search enables users to analyze each job result by much more personalized information such as their company and school connections. Those net-work data driven insights help users apply smarter, and most importantly not missing out a potential job match.

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Job alert

Search automatically

Search can be supported in two ways; on demand or automatically. Job alert enables users to save a job search query along with any applied filters. It provides means for returning to that query on demand at a later date. Most importantly, it automatically finds jobs that are relevant for users. It has been imperial to member sign-ups and retention, and works as a major re-engagement loop for LinkedIn job search. Along with embedded web feature, I also designed Email and push notifications.

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Search header

Integration and alignment

Designing a search box sounds simple, but there is a lot of complexity under the hood; understanding how search algorithm works, typehead, filter interaction, etc, which requires me to work closely with engineers while crafting ideas. I also worked on job search integration within the Linkedin global search, and explore where to position job search within the overall product.

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Mobile web experience

I designed Linkedin mobile web job search experience for users coming from SEO traffic. Mobile web and desktop are designed in parallel so that to keep the pattern and interaction consistent.

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Design future search

Next level job search

Besides the designing for the current release, I lead the design explorations about the next level LinkedIn job search. I worked on some exciting new concepts, such as salary integration, job market insights, filter interaction, etc.

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