Data Visualization

I enjoy visualizing data, making it more meaningful, understandable and visually pleasing. Below are some of the fun projects I did with computer science students while I was in school.


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Is there absolute silence in movies?
What is the purpose of silence in movies?
Where is the location of silence compared to the important scenes?

In the past, people have shown pitch, dynamics, and timbre of audio in movies. The goal of this design was to focus on something that is essential in audio but often ignored, the silence. The objective of this project was to see what kinds of scenes have silence and their importance to movies.

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Teamwork Activity

A visualization of Facebook group chats dynamic throughout 105 days. The visualization shows a pattern of collaboration throughout the semester by analyzing one of our team member's semester-long group project that consists of seven different stages within the facebook group chat.

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Facebook Romance

Is your facebook friend a co-worker?
or a possible lover?
or just a long time friend?
Facebook Romance measures up relationship compatibility by analyzing Facebook messages.

We utilized the AlchemyAPI to perform sentiment classification and data organization.